SEO has changed.

The concepts for optimising a website for potential customers on search engines have changed considerably from the old methods that worked periodically. SEO that focuses too much on how many times a keyword should be repeated, how many words should be on a page or how many links should any given page have means that time and energy is spent chasing answers to questions that are constantly changing. At Bite, our focus is on what the search engines are trying to achieve with all those algorithm tweaks – showing the most relevant results for a given query.

Our SEO services rely on two important elements:

  1. Ensuring that we get the foundational infrastructure elements right, and
  2. Building in the right features and content so that our sites are the most relevant for a particular search query

(and this content then needs outreaching using our content marketing solutions)

How do we achieve this?

  • By introducing an effective client strategy.
  • Finding out what the realistic client objectives are and making sure these can be measure (e.g. can’t measure ‘online search presence’)
  • By understanding the competitive landscape

Who or what is the competition? What are they doing? Are they doing it better, why?

  • By implementing insightful customer research.
    Finding where potential customers inhabit and what they are doing or trying to accomplish (buying, browsing, communicating etc.)
  • By having a collaborative keyword research approach.
    Working with the client to find out what are the most relevant and targeted keywords are and discover which keywords have transactional, informational or navigation intent.
  • By analysing and auditing your website.
    Finding out how the current site functions and producing actionable recommendations to improve the functionality of the site for search By building a comprehensive content strategy.
  • Producing an actionable strategy plan from the keyword research is key to a successful content strategy.
    By developing actionable website metrics, measuring website goals and producing data that means something, is actionable and will go towards improving the strategy to help achieve the defined goals and objectives. Without actionable website metrics, how do we know what we need to do to improve or in fact when we have reached our goal? Our Search offering is not about focusing on search engines and their algorithm it is about focusing on the customers and how we acquire them.
  • Creating a rolling content marketing plan.
    This builds engagement and thought leadership with your target market. We identify audience interests and needs and help develop content for this audience. When combined with our content marketing services, this drives visitors and high quality and relevant links to your website.